Testimonials and Success Stories

Dog's Best Friend does an excellent job of dog training and dog owner training. I have been in many classes with my two goldens. The dogs enjoy class and look forward to seeing the trainers. I've taken the family dog classes which focus on beginning to more advanced levels of training. I've also taken some of the master training classes which focus on certain training areas. At this time I'm working with my golden walking and listening to me off leash. I love this class. Lisa is a wonderful trainer.
I've also consulted with Chelse regarding a behavior issue. Having a multi-dog household, I've had issues with my two Shih Tzus, which were resolved with Chelse's help.
If any one is interested in training and understanding your dog I highly recommend Dog's Best Friend. No matter what the situation they are there for you be it through email or phone, they will address any of your concerns. I am very happy with the training I've received. The results that you see with your dog are amazing. I'm looking forward to taking my classes at Dog's Best Friend. Thank you so much Aimee, Chelse and Lisa for everything!
- Carol Mahlik
Sun Prairie
Dog's Best Friend Training is a tremendous resource for pet owners. My dogs and I have taken numerous classes and I've found the trainers to be very professional and understanding of the dogs' and owners' individual training needs. In addition, I've had several individual consultations with Chelse Wagner. She is an excellent trainer and animal behaviorist, and has a wonderful rapport with animals with varying temperaments. My dogs and I have greatly benefited from the expertise and training at Dogs Best Friend.
- Mary Sesto
Deforest, WI
I wanted to let you know how impressed we were with Sarah Sirios' consultative services. We were quite concerned about the behavior of our 6 month old Pomeranian who had been displaying signs of fear aggression in addition to her inability to cope with strangers, other dogs and moving objects. The barking, snarling and snapping that she exhibited when exposed to those triggers was not improving despite our efforts with counter-conditioning, obedience training and puppy socialization classes. We knew we had some serious questions and needed guidance from an expert.
Our experience was first class, and Sarah Sirios is a very compassionate, professional, knowledgeable person. We appreciated her ability to discuss complex behavioral issues in such practical terms. It was extremely helpful for us to gain an immense insight to the situation involving our pup.
Thanks again for all the help, and please give Sarah our best. She called to follow up with us and we had a nice conversation. She is awesome!!
- Jill Kasel
I adopted my dog Biggie from the Dane County Humane Society in December of 2006. I enrolled him right away with Dog’s Best Friend Training, starting with the Beginner Obedience class. Since then, we have taken classes all the way up through Advanced Obedience. We have also taken Agility 1 through Competition Agility 1 classes. All the instructors are very knowledgeable and helpful (and have loads of patience which was needed, at times, with Biggie!) I have thoroughly enjoyed taking classes with Dog’s Best Friend and highly recommend them for training your dog!
- Diane Wagner
Madison, WI
Thirteen years, two dogs, and numerous classes later, I'm here to testify that the teachers at DBF are superb and compassionate, the courses are everything that a dog owner needs, and the results for me were one dog who was a masterful tricks performer and the other who went from the dog of many challenges to a focused, well-behaved, and loving K-9 citizen. We could not have done it without Aimee, Chelse, and the rest of the DBF staff!
- Fran Breit and Frieda
Last year we adopted Ben, our American Eskimo, as a 4-month puppy from the Humane Society. He had been found in the Woodman's parking lot and was, they suspected, the product of a puppy mill. Within a few weeks we saw that our pup had lots of behavior issues—innumerable fears (of strangers, night walks, garbage cans, etc.), unpredictably growly and snappy, easily over-aroused, not comfortable being restrained or touched in some places—to name a few. Our vet was deeply concerned saying that if Ben didn't learn to manage some of these behaviors he might need to be euthanized.
In despair I called Dog's Best Friend and they have indeed proven to be Ben's best friend…and mine! Ben attended their puppy class which was excellent with lots of individual attention and activities that enabled us to learn by doing. But I also signed on for a consultant and that has proven to be the key for helping Ben. Over the past six months, Chelse, our consultant, has worked with both of us (behavior modification is as much about the owner as the dog!) on coming up with strategies to help Ben overcome his fears, manage his arousal, and learn good doggy manners. What is particularly valuable about this program is that while the consultants are extremely knowledgeable about theories of dog behavior modification and have vast experience working with dogs, they also recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for dogs. At the start of each visit, Chelse listens, she watches, and she asks tons of questions, trying to understand what makes Ben tick, why he does what he does. She then comes up with strategies customized to work best with Ben's particular temperament and learning style. She is a superb teacher, breaking the strategies down into learnable chunks and patiently reviewing each chunk till I'm comfortable with it. Most importantly, she cares deeply about her work and about the dogs she works with and their owners. She has been a true support through all the ups and downs of Ben, celebrating our victories and commiserating when we have the inevitable setback. Slowly but surely her efforts are helping Ben overcome the traumas of his first months.
We still have a ways to go but, thanks to the expertise and compassion of the folks at Dog's Best Friend, Ben is not only more well-behaved but a lot more at peace and his "second chance" is more hopeful. For that I thank Chelse and Dog's Best Friend daily!
- Abbie Loomis
March 10, 2009
I've been attending classes at Dog's Best Friend with my dog, Rookie, for almost three years now. I started out in puppy socialization classes, obedience, and am now in the advanced competition agility class. I have only good things to say about the instructors at Dog's Best Friend. They are supportive and positive, tailoring the instruction to each dog/handler's needs. Because of their knowledge and experience, they do not have a one size fits all approach. They help each team build a solid relationship and foundation - no matter what your individual goals are. I also appreciate the fact that they stay abreast with emerging training methods and share that knowledge with their students. They are always progressing so that their students can also. Thank you Dogs Best Friend!
- Diane Poole & Rookie (Mountaintop's Worth the Wait JH AX AXJ WC TN-N WV-N)
For more than 10 years Dog's Best Friend Training has been a meaningful part of life with our Berners – beginning with calm, beloved Healy and continuing with young,"spirited"(also beloved!) Cara!
Positive reinforcement and individual guidance for both dog and human are integral to the many thoughtful and diverse classes offered. Together with indispensable one to one counsel from Chelse Wagner, DBF has provided the skills and confidence not only to raise well mannered and affectionate companions but to engage them with their humans in activities they love!
- Peggy Lee
Our 14-month-old Saint Bernard began Dog's Best Friend puppy classes at the age of three months. He was bigger by far than any of the other puppies but eager and shy with them and had no idea at all what to do ... We'd trained our older dog at Dog's Best Friend and had high hopes.
We worked with Odin through three consecutive puppy classes. Odin learned to be a terrific dog person -- sitting before he gets attention from visitors, leaving his food alone until we release him, coming when called even from far away. With any dogs, manners are a must in our house, as we have seven children, two very young. With a giant dog, manners are essential; Odin could hurt in play with no realization he'd done so. But we learned so many tricks and ideas at our classes that people are astounded at our "Cujo's" gentle, gentlemanly behavior. We owe this to Dog's Best Friend.
The staff at Dog's Best Friend have always been available to answer small questions and even have come to see us for a home visit after our puppy starting veering down to visit the road. They are truly an amazing resource.
- Jacquelyn Mitchard
I owe all of you at Dog's Best Friend Training a great big THANK YOU for all you have taught me since I started attending your classes two years ago with my Lab Guiness. When I adopted Guiness he was 6 months old. He was an easy going, happy pup without a care in the world. Your classes were a wonderful way for Guiness and me to develop our bond and we both had a lot of fun. But then Guiness turned 1 1/2 years old and went through a fear stage. I found myself faced with a situation I had never faced before, living with a dog that at times was very unpredictable. Trainers Chelse and Lisa came to my rescue and taught me so much more about training a dog than I could ever imagine. They gave me the confidence and taught me the skills so that I could help Guiness overcome some of his fears, all while providing him with a positive learning environment and loving home. He is such a good boy and wonderful companion. He really has come a long way. I look forward to my next class with Dog's Best Friend Training, so that we can continue to build upon what we already have learned.
- Sue Williams
Brooklyn, WI