Small Dog Train and Socialization Class


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Cost: 110.00

Do you have a small breed dog that enjoys interacting with other dogs her size?  Are you looking for a safe place for your smaller dog to be off leash with others where you don’t have to worry about larger dogs playing too rough and tumble with your dog?

Our Small Dog Train and Socialization class is for dogs that are 20 lbs or smaller and that are sociable, friendly and enjoy interacting with other small dogs.  In this class we wil have off leash play time where we will infuse training….a great way to work on manners and listening skills in a distracting environment.  We will also do activities and games that you can play with your dog at home to keep you dog busy especially when the weather is too challenging to get your dog out and about.

This class meets for six weeks, Class fee $110

Positive training with positive results!