Jessie Gurd

With DBF since: 2015

Education: B.A. in English Literature (Middlebury College), M.A. and A.B.D. in English (UW-Madison)

Certification: IDPKA-Certified Dog Parkour Instructor

In her words: “A kid-wise 35-year-old Shetland pony named Thunder was my first instructor in body language and the importance of clear, well timed cues. With Thunder, it was learn or get scraped off on a tree! As I began working with dogs, I found those lessons helped me create joyful, fluent training sessions. My goal is to help owners and dogs find similar joy and fluency, which is one of the reasons I like training beginning classes and dog sports. I believe that our dogs deserve our commitment, amazement, and generosity.”

Jessie’s dogs: Jessie has three active dogs and a busy training schedule! AJ (Applejack), an Australian Cattle Dog/Border Collie cross, does agility, flyball, parkour, nosework, and tricks training; Ripley, a true Heinz 57, does agility, parkour, and nosework; and Jones, a Border Collie, is just starting his career as a sport dog.

Positive training with positive results!