Sue Williams

Sue has always had a love for dogs since growing up with two miniature Schnauzers.  Once on her own, she has had at least one dog as part of her family.  Today, she and her partner live with four dogs (one Lab, two Golden Retrievers and one Goldador) on their farm, ages 14 to 1.5 years old.  Sue has always had a love of learning and believes in life long learning not only for herself but for her dogs as well.  Since finding DBF training about 15 years ago, she fell in love with their positive reinforcement methodology, and has taken almost every class topic available.  Even if she had taken the class previously, she enrolls in the class again with a new dog, believing that the class environment provided an opportunity to strengthen the bond between her and her new dog.  She is currently having a blast running her 10 yr old Golden Jersey and her 1.5 yr old Goldador Finn through agility classes. Sue was thrilled when asked to join the DBF team as an Assistant Instructor.  She is looking forward to helping people train with their K9 family.  
Sue received her BA degree in Physical Education from Hope College and retired in 2019 after 31 years with the Madison Police Department.

Positive training with positive results!