Tori Peterson

Tori has always loved animals from the start. Growing up with all different types of animals has shaped who she is today. She has raised everything from a yak to geckos, and has always been intrigued by training. She has trained goats to walk on a loose lead, her mini horse to do tricks, and rabbits to pose for conformation shows. 

Her dog Niki, sparked Tori to start training professionally. The Central Asian shepherd breed can be challenging, which continues to make Tori a better trainer. 

Tori graduated cum laude with a degree in Animal Biotechnology & Conservation: Small Animal Science with a specialization in behavior from Delaware Valley University. With an education in the animal science field, she has an understanding of both the mind and body of animals and uses this to form a holistic approach to her training. She stays up to date with current scientifically proven methods in training, animal health, and nutrition.

Positive training with positive results!