Sue Williams

I owe all of you at Dog’s Best Friend Training a great big THANK YOU for all you have taught me since I started attending your classes two years ago with my Lab Guiness. When I adopted Guiness he was 6 months old. He was an easy going, happy pup without a care in the world. Your classes were a wonderful way for Guiness and me to develop our bond and we both had a lot of fun. When Guiness turned 1 1/2 years old and went through a fear stage. I found myself faced with a situation I had never faced before, living with a dog that at times was very unpredictable. Trainers Chelse and Lisa came to my rescue and taught me so much more about training a dog than I could ever imagine. They gave me the confidence and taught me the skills so that I could help Guiness overcome some of his fears, all while providing him with a positive learning environment and loving home.