Books & More

While in-person classes and training sessions are often the ideal way to work through a pet’s issues, there are times when books and videos are a more practical solution. In addition, it can be helpful to have these resources on hand as a reference.

Patricia McConnell, a world renowned author, behaviorist and the expert who has guided Dog’s Best Friend Training philosophy and training from the beginning, has a complete selection of materials available for purchase. These materials use the same science- and research-based curriculum that Patricia and current Dog’s Best Friend Training owner Aimee Moore developed over recent decades.

From getting a puppy’s training started off on the right paw (what could be more important?), to treating a dog who goes nuts when he sees another dog on a walk, these resources are written in a fun, entertaining, and actionable way to help owners guide their dogs to become happier and healthier, and to evolve into that “one in a million dog” an owner will never forget.

Click here to view the books and videos that are helping tens of thousands of dogs and dog owners around the world.

These books and videos will make a great addition to your library, and they also make wonderful gifts for other dog lovers in your life.

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