I signed up for a class online and have not received confirmation. How do I know if I am enrolled?

You should receive an email within 3 business days (M-F) letting you know whether you are enrolled or if the class is filled and you are on the waiting list. Please add to your trusted recipients list to ensure receipt of all communications from Dog’s Best Friend regarding classes. If you have checked your spam email folder and it has been longer than 3 business days and you have not received an email from us, please call the Dog’s Best Friend office at (608) 277-1339 to check on the status of your registration. Our office hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

I don’t see the class I want on your schedule. When will it be offered next?

We are so happy that people are eager to sign up for classes! Please know that as soon as we have class dates and times finalized they will be posted on our website. Generally, classes are posted online 6-8 weeks before the start date, so if you are looking for classes that start August 1, for example, start checking our website mid-June.

Some of our specialty classes, such as Nose Games, Remote Control and Stop the Pulling are offered less frequently than our family dog training and agility classes. 

If you would like to receive email updates about Dog’s Best Friend classes, please sign up for our mailing list and follow Dog’s Best Friend Training on Facebook. We do not keep waiting lists for classes that are not yet scheduled.

Can I bring family members with me to class?

Yes, two people are able to attend per dog. Please remember, however, that parents are solely responsible for their children, and it can be difficult to watch both dogs and kids at the same time. Children are welcome to participate in class, but we do ask that adults do the majority of the training during class time, so we can be sure that parents understand the exercises and can help kids practice at home.

I cannot attend all of the classes in the series I registered for. Do you offer makeup classes?

We do not offer makeup classes.

We understand that people sometimes have to miss a class due to illness or unexpected schedule changes. Our Puppy Kindergarten, Puppy II, Beginning, Intermediate, and Really Reliable Recall classes all include email handouts that explain each week’s exercises and homework, so you can continue to practice at home even if you need to miss a class. Missing classes will not prevent you from successfully completing the course. Your trainer will help ensure that you have the skills you need to stay caught up with the rest of the class.

How do I know if classes are cancelled?

If we need to cancel class due to weather or for any other reason, we will post a notice on our Facebook page and change the message on our answering machine at the Dog’s Best Friend office to state that classes have been cancelled.

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