Our Puppy Programs & Classes

Do you have new puppy?  Now’s the time to get training started!

Wondering where to start?  

If your puppy is between the ages of 9 – 19 weeks you will want to enroll in our Puppy Kindergarten class.
We teach basic commands such as sit, down, come, and also include attention work. We also start teaching puppies to greet people politely, otherwise known as “no jumping”. Common puppy problems such as house training and puppy mouthing are covered in class, and included is supervised socialization time in organized play sessions. Our training methods are fun, effective and taught so that all family members can master them.

We also offer our Puppy Program Package which includes Puppy Kindergarten class, a 90-minute in-home private training session and our PDF booklet “Teaching Your Puppy Not to Bite”.

If your puppy is over 5 months old at the start of class, enroll in our Beginning Family Dog Training class. This class teaches owners how to effectively communicate with their dogs in order to have a well-mannered pet. Exercises covered in class include: stay, down, come, wait, leave it, attention work and the foundations for heel. We also work on polite greetings, again known as ‘no jumping’!

Looking for something fun to keep your puppy busy and tired? Try Puppy Agility for puppies between 10 weeks and 6 months old at the start of class. Teach your dog to jump, weave through poles, climb obstacles and run through tunnels (equipment is appropriate for young puppies). Agility is fantastic for creating a strong bond and relationship with your puppy.

Not sure what is best for you and your puppy? Give us a call!

Positive training with positive results!