Jackie Kranz

Jackie has been working professionally with dogs since 2005 when the vet clinic she was using asked her to apply for a receptionist opening.  She was hired and immediately loved being around animals and their passionate humans during her work day.  She found her way to Dog’s Best Friend years ago with her rowdy boy Buster, a Black Lab with no shortage of special needs.  
Her favorite classes to teach are Get Focused and Intermediate but since she’s a self described “crazy animal lady” she simply enjoys working any dog who wants to work with her.  During the weekday she works at a local vet clinic and can sometimes be found sharing a kennel with a nervous dog or cat on her lunch break.  
Currently in between dogs, Jackie is grateful for the various animal characters who’ve shared their lives with her and her husband, Matt.  She and Matt know they’ll have a pet or two in the future but for now are enjoying pet sitting for friends, catching up on their honey-do lists around the house, reading, and watching Netflix.

Positive training with positive results!