Kim Keen

Agility Trainer

With DBF since: 2000

Education: Bachleor’s degree in wildlife ecology from UW-Madison

In her words: “I have always loved dogs, but before my first dog I didn’t really know anything about training. When I got my first dog I took some classes and loved it! I wanted to help my dogs be happy and well-adjusted, but also easy to live and do things with. I started to do agility for fun and loved how much it helped bond me with my dogs.”

Kim’s dogs: Kim currently shares her home with three dogs: Finch is Kim’s oldest dog at 6, he is a Tibetan Terrier who has always loved to “do-do-do,” including agility, Rally obedience, and Obedience. He got his AKC Master Agility Champion (MACH) title in 2017, and his Rally Excellent (RE) and Companion Dog (CD) tittles in 2018. Goose is another Tibetan Terrier and second oldest at 3. He is much more laid back than Finch but can still appreciate some agility and rally obedience as long as it is with his mom. He got his AKC Excellent Agility (AX and AXJ) Titles in 2019. Baloo is the newest addition and is just 2 months younger than Goose. He is an “all American” with some terrier, poodle and chihuahua him. He came to live with them in 2018 when he was 1.5 years old. He fit right in but is still “in training”! They also share the house with 2 cats (Tiger and Leroy). 

Positive training with positive results!