Rally Obedience


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Cost: 165.00

What is Rally Obedience?
Rally Obedience, often referred to as Rally-O or just Rally, is a dynamic canine sport that blends obedience training with elements of agility. This sport originated in the United States and has quickly gained popularity worldwide. Unlike traditional obedience, Rally-O takes place in a more relaxed and interactive atmosphere. It involves a course with a series of designated stations or signs, each displaying a specific skill or task that the dog and handler must perform. The challenge lies in smoothly navigating through the course, following the signs, and completing the commands while maintaining a strong connection and communication with your dog.
This sport emphasizes the partnership between the dog and handler. The dog must demonstrate obedience and responsiveness to their handler’s cues, while the handler guides the dog through the course with clear communication and body language. Unlike traditional obedience trials, where exercises are performed individually, Rally-O encourages interaction, making it a true team effort between you and your dog.


Tuesday at 6:25 pm, starts 02/20/2024

Tuesday at 6:30 pm, starts 04/09/2024

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