Basic Obedience

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Beginning Family Dog Training

  • For dogs 5 months and older who have not had a group training class.
  • Learn basic commands including sit, down, off, come, stay, attention work, walking on a leash, polite greeting behavior and foundations for heel.
  • 5 week session.

Get Focused and In Control

  • For dogs 5 months or older.
  • For dogs that have difficulty paying attention, are highly excitable and/or easily distracted.
  • Learn how to get your dog to focus and be in control.
  • 5 week session.

Intermediate Family Dog Training

  • For dogs who have completed Beginning or Puppy II
  • Refine and work on making the commands learned in previous class “real-life ready”
  • Introduce working on having more control when your dog is at a distance
  • Focus on compliance when faced with distractions

Advanced Training

  • For dogs who have completed Intermediate
  • Polish the basic commands so that compliance is quick and automatic
  • Continue to refine heel and distance control
  • Begin off-leash work

Outdoor Advanced Class

This class is for dogs who have completed our Intermediate or Advanced class. We will work outdoors on advanced level skills – recalls, heeling, stays, remote cues and some off leash work.  This class is a small sized class and meets for five weeks.


  • For dogs who have completed Advanced class
  • This is our most advanced-level obedience class
  • Focus is on compliance while working off-leash

Magnificent Manners!

  • For dogs who have completed Puppy II or Beginning class
  • Emphasis on teaching your dog to have a loose leash while walking and pay attention while on walks
  • Teaching polite greetings – no jumping!

CGC – Canine Good Citizen

The Canine Good Citizen (or CGC) test is a certification by the AKC and is open to dogs of any breeding. The test is comprised of ten different skills. This is a preparatory class to ready you for the test. Exercises include general manners such as sitting quietly by your side while you hold a conversation with another  person. Each […]

Great Outdoors

  • For dogs who have completed Intermediate Class
  • Work on your training skills where it counts most…the Great Outdoors!
  • Five weeks

Remote Control – Working on Distance Training

  • For dogs who have completed Intermediate Class
  • Work on training when your dog is not right at your feet.
  • Your dog needs to listen even when you are out of arms reach….we will work on it
  • Dogs need to be friendly with people and dogs

Positive training with positive results!