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Most dog owners aren't professional dog trainers, and haven't learned the proper way to encourage specific behaviors and habits from their dogs. That's why we are here - to provide such expertise for dog owners and their dogs. 

And remember, training is not just for puppies. It is true, in fact, that an old(er) dog CAN learn new tricks; nothing is more rewarding than seeing an older dog evolve and grow, and learn to be a better behaved and happier animal.

We offer a wide selection of classes to assist you in training your dog, whether a puppy, an adult, or somewhere in between.


Puppy Kindergarten

  • For puppies between 9-19 weeks at the start of class
  • Off-leash socialization.
  • Learn foundation training and basic commands including sit, down, come, attention work and leash manners!
  • Instructors will discuss common problems such as house breaking, jumping, nipping, and chewing.
  • 5 week session.
  • For recent graduates of Puppy Kindgergarten
  • Learn new signals including wait, leave it, stay and heel.
  • Off-leash socialization focusing on attention while interacting with other dogs
  • Great for puppies entering into “puppy adolescence!”
  • A 75 minute In Home Private Training Session where we will cover all the basics and answer all your questions including house training, proper socialization, biting, chewing, crate training, children and puppy interactions.
  • Puppy Kindergarten Class
  • Teaching Your Puppy Not to Bite Booklet (PDF)
Join us for this fun, active and educational workshop for puppies six months and younger. Learn new tricks, fun games and activities to keep you pooch busy as the winter...

Obedience & Behaviors

  • For dogs 5 months and older who have not had a group training class.
  • Learn basic commands including sit, down, off, come, stay, attention work, walking on a leash, polite greeting behavior and foundations for heel.
  • 5 week session.
  • A 75 minute In Home Private Training Session where we will cover all the basics you will want to know about your new dog
  • Beginning Family Dog Training Class
  • For dogs who have completed Beginning or Puppy II
  • Refine and work on making the commands learned in previous class “real-life ready”
  • Introduce working on having more control when your dog is at a distance
  • Focus on compliance when faced with distractions
  • For dogs 5 months or older.
  • For dogs that have difficulty paying attention, are highly excitable and/or easily distracted.
  • Learn how to get your dog to focus and be in control.
  • 5 week session.
  • For dogs who have completed Intermediate
  • Polish the basic commands so that compliance is quick and automatic
  • Continue to refine heel and distance control
  • Begin off-leash work
We are excited to offer the next level to this class! We will increase distractions - think people running, dogs running - and continue to work on helping your dog...
  • Teach your dog to come when called, quickly and with enthusiasm
  • Recalls while your dog is distracted and at distances
  • Prerequisites: Really Reliable Recall 1 is for dogs who have completed Puppy II or Beginning class. Really Reliable Recall 2 is for dogs who have completed Really Reliable Recall 1
Does your dog ignore you when you get outside? In this working workshop we will address how to work through distractions that your dog encounters every day! *Enticing Smells *Squirrels,...
  • For dogs who have completed Intermediate Class
  • Work on training when your dog is not right at your feet.
  • Your dog needs to listen even when you are out of arms reach....we will work on it
  • Dogs need to be friendly with people and dogs
  • For dogs who have completed Puppy II or Beginning class
  • Emphasis on teaching your dog to have a loose leash while walking and pay attention while on walks
  • Teaching polite greetings - no jumping!
  • For dogs who have completed Advanced class
  • This is our most advanced-level obedience class
  • Focus is on compliance while working off-leash
Do you have a small breed dog that enjoys interacting with other dogs her size? Are you looking for a safe place for your smaller dog to be off leash...
  • For dogs that have had a behavior consultation
The Canine Good Citizen (or CGC) test is a certification by the AKC and is open to dogs of any breeding. The test is comprised of ten different skills. This...
This class is a follow up to our Focus Level 2 class. Pre-req: Focus Level 2 and instructor approval
  • For dogs who have completed Intermediate Class
  • Work on your training skills where it counts most...the Great Outdoors!
  • Five weeks
Looking to get more practice on calling your dog to come? In this workshop we will focus on recalls that are more challenging due to distractions. Learn how to practice...

Agility, Tricks & Scents

  • For dogs that have completed Beginning or Puppy II class!
  • Introduction to the basic equipment used in dog agility including tunnels, A-frame, dog walk, chute, jumps, table and weave poles.
  • For dogs that want a safe introduction to agility for a puppy.
  • Must be between seven months or younger at the start of class
  • For dogs that have successfully completed Puppy Agility or Introduction to Agility
  • For dogs that have completed Beginning or Puppy II class.
Prepare your dog for fun trial conditions in Nose Work Level III! This class builds upon all of the skills that your dog has learned—search skills, alerts, and handling. You...
This class will continue to progress on skills taught in Nose Games Level 2
Pre-req: Nose Games Level 3
Pre-Req: Nose Games Level 4 or instructor approval
This class is for students who have completed our Level 5 class or permission from instructor.
This 6 wk class will incorporate trick training, games you can play to keep your pup mentally and physically active. 6 weeks $115
  • For dogs who have completed Tricks
  • Add more tricks to your repertoire in this continuing class
Rally Obedience combines the fun of dog agility with traditional obedience. Unlike traditional obedience, handlers are allowed to encourage their dogs through the course and makes a game out of...
Learn fun games and great tricks to play with your dog when the weather is oh, so cold! In addition to keeping your dog mentally and physically busy, these games...
Looking for a fun way to build your dog’s confidence? Want your usual walk to be more challenging and creative? Try dog parkour! Dog parkour, sometimes called “urban agility,” teaches...
If you have a small dog that wants to learn some new tricks to keep busy in during the winter months, join us for our Small Dogs Tricks and Games...
Have you wanted an activity that will get you bonding with your dog and you out and doing something fun? Join us to get in on one of the newer...


Does your dog need some mental stimulation? Come play with us and learn weaves, jumping, a-frame, basic crosses and maneuvers.





Our training philosophy includes positive reinforcement-based techniques, with a thoughtful, science-based curriculum. Owners understand and learn to humanely influence a dog's behavior