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Puppy Kindergarten

  • For puppies between 9-19 weeks at the start of class
  • Off-leash socialization.
  • Learn foundation training and basic commands including sit, down, come, attention work and leash manners!
  • Instructors will discuss common problems such as house breaking, jumping, nipping, and chewing.
  • 5 week session.

Tips or the Trade: Secrets to Raising a Great Puppy!

Puppy Kindergarten class is just the tip of the iceberg for training good manners that can last a lifetime. Learn the tools professional dog-trainers use to raise great puppies. In this 75-minute workshop you’ll learn how to build your puppy’s listening skills, confidence and impulse control through games and exercises and much more! If you […]

Premier Puppy Package

  • A 75 minute In Home Private Training Session where we will cover all the basics and answer all your questions including house training, proper socialization, biting, chewing, crate training, children and puppy interactions.
  • Puppy Kindergarten Class
  • Teaching Your Puppy Not to Bite Booklet (PDF)

Puppy II

  • For recent graduates of Puppy Kindgergarten
  • Learn new signals including wait, leave it, stay and heel.
  • Off-leash socialization focusing on attention while interacting with other dogs
  • Great for puppies entering into “puppy adolescence!”

Puppy Agility

  • For dogs that want a safe introduction to agility for a puppy.
  • Must be between seven months or younger at the start of class

Workshop: Fun with Tricks and Games for Puppies!

Join us for this fun, active and educational workshop for puppies six months and younger.  Learn new tricks, fun games and activities to keep you pooch busy as the winter cold approaches.

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