Do you sell gift certificates?

Yes, we sell gift certificates that can be used for dog training classes or in-home services. Please call us at 608-277-1339 with your credit card information and we will email you the certificate.

What shot records do I need for my dog or puppy?

Puppies need to have started their puppy vaccination series, which includes parvo virus and distemper. All other dogs need to be current on their parvo virus, distemper and rabies vaccinations. The vaccination for bordatella, commonly known as kennel cough, is recommended but not required.

What makes Dog’s Best Friend different from others?

Great question. The below list of items are what we believe help us excel and standout in the industry.

1. Training and methods. The staff has been in this field for years, learning, evolving, and incorporating the innovative cutting edge, effective methods that truly work.  Aimee makes sure the entire staff learns and is current with new, effective training methods. A class is only as good as its professional staff and its curriculum; it is only as good as the methods and techniques that are effectively passed from instructor to student.

2. Convenience. Training and class locations are across the greater Madison area; a huge range of time offerings are provided for the classes DBFT offers.

New classes are starting all the time.

3. Breadth of class offerings. DBFT has among the largest scope and selection of classes in the area and offers a complete program with extensive class offerings.

No matter what focus area your dog requires, we will have a training solution.

4. Continued innovation. DBFT does not remain stagnant and instead evolves to incorporate new and innovative methods into dog training methods. There have been changes and will continue to be changes to how people can most effectively train dogs – we will continue to incorporate the best new methods into the curriculum.

5. Breadth of services. Based on client needs, DBFT has expanded its offerings to include dog walking and pet sitting.

What type of methods do you use in your training?

We utilize positive reinforcement-based techniques. We want to help owners effectively train their dogs through a healthy relationship built on trust, knowledge and clear communication. Dog’s Best Friend Training does NOT use punitive methods.

How do I know if my dog has a behavioral problem?

Give us a call, we can help get to the truth of why your dog is behaving the way he or she is behaving. It is very common to think you as the owner are causing problems with your dog. Most of the time it is NOT you. Let us help discover the positive steps to take and change your dog’s behavior.

What’s a positive dog trainer? Are you a positive dog trainer?

The term “positive” has at least two meanings in dog training.  One is positive, as in dog-friendly.  In that sense,  Dog’s Best Friend Training is all about positive dog training.  We train with food reinforcement or clicker training and do not use force, shouting, or other “negative” forms of coercion to train dogs.

The other use of “positive” in dog training is as a technical Learning Theory term.  In that sense, there is “positive reinforcement” and “positive punishment,” among other things.  In those terms, “positive” just means you’re giving the dog something, in the mathematical sense of addition.  You’re giving treats or giving pain/annoyance.  So in that usage, “positive dog trainer” doesn’t make sense. 

Positive dog training is the way to go! 

Are there resources I can use to supplement training classes?

Yes, books and videos can be very helpful reference resources. Patricia McConnell, a world renowned author, behaviorist and the expert who has guided Dog’s Best Friend Training philosophy and training from the beginning, has a complete selection of materials available for purchase. These materials use the same science- and research-based curriculum that Patricia and current Dog’s Best Friend Training owner Aimee Moore developed over recent decades.

Positive training with positive results!