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Enrichment Walks for Fun and Function

Most of us think of a walk with our dog as just that…walking!  In this class, we will learn what a good walk entails.  From sniffing and why it is good (not bad!) for your dog, parkour for exercise and flexibility to fun to games that use their brain in addition to physical exercise.  We’ll discuss […]

Remote Control – Working on Distance Training

  • For dogs who have completed Intermediate Class
  • Work on training when your dog is not right at your feet.
  • Your dog needs to listen even when you are out of arms reach….we will work on it
  • Dogs need to be friendly with people and dogs

Small Dog Train and Socialization Class

Do you have a small breed dog that enjoys interacting with other dogs her size?  Are you looking for a safe place for your smaller dog to be off leash with others where you don’t have to worry about larger dogs playing too rough and tumble with your dog?

Fun with Tricks and Games

This five week class will incorporate trick training, games you can play to keep your pup mentally and physically active.  

Positive training with positive results!