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Tiny Tots! Social Time and Training for Little Dogs

Do you have a small breed dog and want to find a place to have Molly interact and play with other small dogs all while working on her training and listening skill?  Tiny Tots is just that class.  This class is for social, friendly small dogs under 20 lbs that like to interact with other […]

Movement Games: From An Energetic to Calm Dog!

High-energy dogs need more than miles, they need activities that engage their minds while exercising their bodies. This class will introduce games using movement which will increase engagement and focus transforming them into your ideal companion – or at least moving them toward that goal! These are not just plain beginner level games … All […]

Fun with Tricks and Games

This five week class will incorporate trick training, games you can play to keep your pup mentally and physically active.  

Positive training with positive results!